Are you asking yourself, “What is The WoLand Foundation?”

Funny you should ask. We continue to evolve as a foundation and continue to make discoveries about ourselves to put a finer point on the ultimate answer to that question. 

But what is it exactly that we do? In order for you to better understand our mission, we think it would be a good idea to start by telling what we are not…. 

 We are not a landscaping company

We routinely collaborate with many professionals within the landscaping industry, and we have a profound respect for their work and many occasions we end up collaborating in fun-built projects throughout the city especially during the amazing week of art Basel in Miami.

We are not financial advisors

But we know that EVERYONE could use a little help and guidance with this subject, and so we recruit experts and mentors who are willing to share their knowledge with us and our audience and together we create amazing seminars, workshops, and team activities for professionals who need a little help organizing their financial lives so that they can feel empowered and sure about their future. Ultimately, it is our goal to ensure that those who become involved with our foundation find independence in all aspects of their life, not just design. 

We are not a job recruitment agency 

Our most sincere desire is that those young professionals who involve themselves with WoLand can establish valuable contacts with like-minded business professionals. But, when it comes to landing that dream job, you will have to put in the work. We will provide you with advice, the mentorship, the confidence and knowledge, and the required tools, but the rest is up to you! So far, we have been 100% successful and everyone who has reached out to us for help on the right steps and techniques to find a job within the landscape architecture industry has found a job or internship. We must be doing something right, don’t you think?  (check out our testimonials page in our blog) 

We are not a catering company

Mmmmm...  who doesn’t love food? Did you know that make sure to include food at all of our events?  Why? Because we believe that quality food and drinks always improve communal learning. 

Our staff and volunteers always have the most creative ideas when it comes to food and how it concepts about mentorship and food can be integrated to create an amazing experience! so, if you decide to become a regular patron at our events, please expect to have good food, meet good people learn something new, and have a memorable time. 

We are not an activist group

But we believe and strive for equity, equality, women’s rights, and overall world kindness and peace. 

We believe that everyone deserves equal opportunity and equal treatment regardless of age, sex orientation racial backgrounds, etc. Landscape architecture is an industry for all! 

 So what are we?

We are an exclusive collaborative platform for landscape architect professionals, current and future, with a thirst for bringing landscape architecture to the next level of success. 

We listen and take bold ideas from landscape designers on how to better our world, and turn them into real projects for people to see! 

We assist in providing invaluable mentorship to young design professionals as they wrap up their education and enter the workforce. 

We excitedly procure venues and audiences for an inspiring stream of magical and transforming experiences conducted by those select passionate individuals who are so graciously willing to share their stories to make a positive impact and value to the next generation of landscape architects. 

So, why do we do this?

We are here to show Landscape architecture professionals that anyone can make an impact while making an income. 

Designers have a different way of thinking and a talent for coming up with creative solutions to otherwise complicated and difficult problems. 

WoLand provides a platform through which those ideas can become reality, this is what we believe to be the true power of design.

(From an interview with  Victoria Acerca)